Not even Cenarius can Xavius

Took longer than we'd hoped to get here - Cenarius was such a prick. However that's Emerald Nightmare cleared so onward and upward to Trial and Nighthold.

Monopedia on 20th November 2016

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Character stuff : Zaratrustra



Armoury profile: ... rathrustra

Applying as role - Damage / Healer / Tank ?:

Primary spec/offspec - e.g. Holy, Shadow, Balance, etc.: (if you have an off-spec you play feel free to mention that too)

Points in artifact weapon: (points in your primary spec weapon - if you play an off-spec how many points in that weapon)
rank 7 concordance---Almost i think

Gear: (Tell us a little about your gear choices)
See Here : ... rathrustra

History stuff

Experience / Raiding History: (How long have you been playing WoW? What have you played as? What have you done in terms of raiding during your time playing the game? e.g. raided MoP on shaman, etc. Have you run many Mythic+ instances?)

Guild History: (what guilds have you been in? Why did you leave? Does your current guild know you're applying?
The Dominion and Is Hard in Vanilla, BFTH , Unleashed Chaos and until one week ago The Obsidian Order. Unguilded atm.

In Game stuff

Availability:(we raid from 20:50 until approx 00:00 game time on Wed/Sun/Mon - can you reliably attend these days and times - please be honest!)
Availeble. Very rare not attending raids. Days /played on this character:294...pffff..

Mythic+ is now a big part of the game - do you have much time to run these each reset?
I run these each week to get maxium reward.

Recent combat logs: (if you have recent combat logs for the char on which your applying please provide them - if you don't provide any logs and we subsequently find some we'll have to ask whether you're hiding something!)
Not relevant though...the logged runs are from pugs

The future: (what are your longer term plans in-game?)
Raiding, high lvl content.

Real Life Stuff
Nice :)


What do you work/school wise?:
I have my own realestate business.

Country you live in/play from:

How are your English speaking and listening skills out of 10:(please be honest!)
As good as second language. Fluent.Franch as well :))))

Anything else?(anything else you'd like to add)




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Re: Zarathrustra-Mage

Thanks for your application, we'll discuss it and get back to you as soon as possible! :)




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Re: Zarathrustra-Mage

Hey Zara, sorry but you're not quite what we're looking for at this time, good luck in finding a guild that suits you! :)

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