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Varanathas fire mage

Character stuff

Name/Realm: Varanathas-Aggramar.

Class: Mage.

Armoury profile: ... varanathas

Applying as role - Damage / Healer / Tank ?: I'm applying as Damage.

Primary spec/offspec - e.g. Holy, Shadow, Balance, etc.: Maining fire, using frost now and then but nothing im using to much atm.

Points in artifact weapon: By the time im writing this i have 48 in fire almost 49 although this is something thats easily changed with some ap farming. 43 in frost.

Gear: My current ilvl is 902/903 depending on the pieces i switch out, since i havent been in a progressing guild i havent been able to get much more than what pugging has been able to give me gear wise but i got some pieces to alternate between for different bosses. I usually try to stay around 54-55% crit with the gear i ahve so i can get as many proccs as possible other than that im currently trying to get my haste up more.

History stuff

Experience / Raiding History: I started playing at the end of Bc then at just lower lvl playing around with my rogue and did so for the most part of wrath up till mid wrath i guess, which is when i joined my first raiding guild and started of raiding as an extra thing in the game, after that i started raiding icc hc when it was current. managed to get 11/12 hc. Then after wrath the guild i was in disbanded so jumped around a bit did some normal progress in cata got some hc progression in while it was current, didnt play much for mop and escentially took a break and came back at the end of it. havnt really done much high end progression since wrath to be honest, but i still have the capabiltiy to do so. the one thing im most proud of is getting the icc achivement mount when it was still current due to how hard it was back then.

Guild History: I started out in Dont Drink And Raid as a combat rogue, it was a cassual raiding guild back in wrath, it's the guild that got me into raiding. After a while tho i decided to leave in search for more progress, more high end raiding. And this is when i ended up finding Solar flare which i was in throughout most of icc, it later disbanded at the end of wrath and ended up forming a new guild called Umbrage. But the players that i played with had left for other guilds and the raiding wasn't the same anymore, after that i jumped around from guild to guild not really finding a guild that i enjoyed raiding with. Which in turn led me to take breaks from the game due to the lack of enjoyment i got from it. A bit more current i guess was when i joined the peacekeepers at the end of Wod, this point in time i did so as a balance druid. Sadly that didn't last long either because the way to chaotic raiding with the rl not showing up on time, ppl not having food/flasks and generally not taking it seriously enough. After that, at the end of Wod when the pre-legion event came out i created Legion of the fallen and with that i rerolled into my monk and led it through the Emerald nightmare tier. Due to the competition in getting peeps and the right setup we got normal down second week i think, our plan was to go on with hc and we did for a while sadly some of the main dps/healers left for another guild which led up to allot of stress in finding new peeps to fill their spots etc. At this point in time school and tests, aswell as work caught up with me and led to me not being able to put as much time into the game anymore so i stepped down as gm and rl and took a break to sort out my studies and the part time job i had at the time. which kinda lead us up to today, came back to the game rouglhy two-three months ago. This time wanting to get back into ranged dps i got my mage up to speed and have played activly since. and now that im playing activly again im looking for a guild that gets into and clears high-end content again. and yes they know that im applying.

In Game stuff

Availability: yes i can be there at these times, i am currently studying on distance which lets me put up a schedual of my own. so yes i can attend on these days and the raiding times works fine with me.

Mythic+ is now a big part of the game - do you have much time to run these each reset? try to do atleast a 10 every weak for ap and gear pieces other than that i try to get my hc/normal nh clear every week.

Recent combat logs: i honestly dont know, something i havent used before due to not really needing it, but something id ofc start looking into and using now that im going to start raiding more seriously.

The future: my plans are to start raiding more seriously, getting into high-end raiding again exploring and trying to improve my playing as a fire mage, and in the long run becoming one of the top fire mages on the server.

Real Life Stuff

Age: I am 22 years old

What do you work/school wise?: I study languages atm and will start my bartender education in januari.

Country you live in/play from: I live in Sweden.

How are your English speaking and listening skills out of 10: i'd say its 9/10 considering my spelling sometimes is off.

Anything else? well i guess there isn't much to add other than that im a quick learner and good at adapting, since my high-end raiding havent really been much for the last expansions i guess i have a dissadvantage to ppl that have done the fights, but id like to say that i have the knowledge and experience to know how the gap between hc and mythic differs. When im not studying and playing im either with friends or relaxing at home, often with a book or a good movie.

well other than al that i want to thank you guys for acually reading through that wall of text no matter the outcome of your decision. and if there is anything you want to ask or so you can contact me in game either via igm or a whisp.


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Re: Varanathas fire mage

Thanks for the application. I'll put it up for discussion and we'll get back to you asap


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Re: Varanathas fire mage

Hi Varanathas, apologies for taking a while to respond.

Unfortunately we're going to have to decline your application as your current gear and experience isn't what we're currently looking for.

Good luck with finding a guild.

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