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Took longer than we'd hoped to get here - Cenarius was such a prick. However that's Emerald Nightmare cleared so onward and upward to Trial and Nighthold.

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Rafix - Marksman

Name/Realm: Rafix

Class: Hunter

Armoury profile: ... fix/simple

Primary spec/offspec: Marksman is my main spec and Beastmaster being my offspec.

Points in artifact weapon: 43 as Marksman and 35 as Beastmaster.

Gear: Currently I'm using Ullr's Feather Snowshoes in combination with Convergence of Fates. My second equiped legendary is Zevrim's Hunger for a bit extra aoe power. I can however change it out with War Belt of the Sentinal Army.

Besides that I aim to go for as much mastery and crit as possible.

Experience / Raiding History:I've been playing wow for 12 years orso and mostly as a hunter. Although I've raided in tbc mostly as a mage. My raiding experience starts off with molten core and ends up to 3/10M nighthold. I've got multiple cutting edge titles and probably a couple of hundred mythic+ runs completed. Also got the keystone master achievement.

Guild History: I've got a cloudy memory when it comes to all the early guilds, as I've also played on different servers. But the most recent ones on Hellscream are (counting back to pandaria) Echelon, Mabinogion, Reinvented, Zerglings, Sundered Horizon.
The story with Echelon I honestly can't remember, been with them for a while though, with a break from wow in between.
I joined Mabinogion during Warlords of Draenor if memory serves me right. I've raided mainly normal and heroic with them. During heroic archimonde however I decided to look for a guild with some better progression, as they themselves were stuck for about 2 weeks. Also, I just really wanted to become a mythic raider.
Reinvented was the guild I joined after Mabino, but shortly after me joining the guild decided to stop raiding. So I felt like continuing my search. And that's when I ended up with Zerglings.
Been with them since the middle of WoD untill after killing mythic Xavius.

They decided to demote me all of the sudden, after what they called a period of lacking focus. I tried to ask about more indepth, but they just shrugged it off. Guess they wanted me out of the team for a while, but I can't figure out why. Anyway, I didn't want to wait around doing nothing, as the were never going to give me my rank back, so I left.

Now I'm in Sundered Horizon, which is a dead end guild. I joined during their mythic nighthold progression, but most of their team recently quit.

Availability: I'm available during this days and hours, yes.

Mythic+ is now a big part of the game - do you have much time to run these each reset? Not much time, but enough I reckon.

Recent combat logs: ... 938/latest

The future: To keep playing it untill Blizzard ends the story.

Age: 28

What do you work/school wise?: I work periodically as graphic designer and illustrator. But I mainly spend my time looking for a steady job, as well artistic work doesn't pay off at a regular basis. It's not dependable.

Country you live in/play from: The Netherlands.

How are your English speaking and listening skills out of 10: 10/10

Anything else? I have pretty severe social anxiety, so I'm not the easiest person to have a chat with. But I do try


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Re: Rafix - Marksman

Thank you for your application, I'll put it up for discussion :)


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Re: Rafix - Marksman

Hey Rafix, sorry for taking so long to get back to you, unfortunately you're not quite what we're looking for at this time, but we hope you'll find yourself a guild to call home soon!

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