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Ardus - Assassination Rogue app

Character stuff

Name/Realm: Ardus/Hellscream

Class: Rogue

Armoury profile - makes it easier for us to look you up!: ... s/advanced

Applying as role - Damage / Healer / Tank ?: Damage

Primary spec - e.g. Holy, Shadow, Balance, etc.:
Primary offspec: - not a decider as to whether to accept you - but if you have an off-spec you often play please say!:

Gear - Tell us a little about your gear choices:
I end up equiping the best stuff i can get with my personal stat weights. However i tend to go for mastery and either crit or vers as long as its not haste im happy.
History stuff

Experience- how long have you been playing your primary spec? How long have you been playing WoW in general?: I've been playing wow casually since WotLK only really started seriously playing in Legion and actually raiding etc.

Raiding History: - tell us about your raiding history, when did you start? did you run the instances when they were "current" (i.e. during the patch cycle they were released), etc.: I have only started raiding in Legion so I dont have a huge history.

Guild History - what guilds have you been in? Why did you leave? Does your current guild know you're applying?:
Royal Night Elfs is the only raiding guild ive been in i am leaving because i want to raid 3 days a week and they only raid 2 and im concerned about the roster for mythic, as in not enough players to make the 20 people requirement. They know im applying to other guilds.
In Game stuff

Availability - we raid from 20:50 until approx 00:00 game time on Wed/Sun/Mon - can you reliably attend these days and times - please be honest!: Yes I can make all of those times I currently raid wed and mon so also raiding Sunday wont be a big deal.

Recent combat logs - if you have recent combat logs for the char on which your applying please provide them - if you don't provide any logs and we subsequently find some we'll have to ask whether you're hiding something!: Here is Wednesdays heroic farm I have more but im sure you can find them ;)

The future .. - what are your longer term plans in-game?: To progress Mythic as much as I can I have fallen in love with raiding this expac and want to see how far I can go!

Real Life Stuff

Age - please be "honest": 20

What do you work/school wise?: Im at Plymouth University

Country you live in: England

How are your English speaking and listening skills out of 10 - please be honest!: 10/10 (am english :P)

Anything else? - anything else you'd like to add
I understand you aren't currently looking for a rogue but I think id be a great addition to the guild and look forward to your reply. :)




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Re: Ardus - Assassination Rogue app

Thanks for the application. We'll discuss it and get back to you soon.

I can tell you with that transmog your chances are pretty slim tho!




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Re: Ardus - Assassination Rogue app

You have been accepted into Aquila on a trial basis, woo hoo and all that. Before you log in and /w any of our existing raiders for an invite please take a moment to read the following.

Aquila was formed during TBC by a group of long standing members of an old Hellscream guild named Divine Protectors. It was formed with as few officers as possible, simply because the entire guild would take an active role in progress and decision making. This is still the case. Now you've been accepted into what we like to think is an awesome guild, we ask you to help us keep it that way. If you do the following, you will find a lot of good friends in Aquila. Cross us and our pet bear will bite your face off, raaarrrr.


These are NOT optional. Go get them RIGHT NOW and keep updating them to new releases.
These are optional but highly advised: Raiding Requirements:

Again this is not optional. You have been accepted as a raiding member and you must do these things. Why? Because everyone else has to.
  • Maximise your class abilities. Sounds weird, but look at it this way: the best enchants, the best gems, the best consumables. Take them to every raid. You never know when they might come in handy.
  • Tactics. Read AT THE VERY LEAST our forum tactics before you attend the raid. Everyone needs some pointers first time on a new boss, but make those as few as possible please. The less time we spend explaining something you could have read up on in 30 seconds, the more time we have learning new content.
  • Signups. Please do! We expect you to sign to every single raid! If you cannot attend a raid please sign and then unsign - post a reason in the corresponding linked topic. If you are unavailable for a week or more (holiday, work, etc.) please let us know in the Availability Topic.
  • Teamwork. Not listening to discord, not communicating important information, frequent afk's, etc.. All of these things will be frowned upon. Don't be surprised if it gets you a bollocking or worse.
Of course try above all to have fun. It's what this game is about :D If you have any questions about the above just ask, on the forum, in /g or by /w

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